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After Hours Plumber in Sydney

We at Graham and Sons (, 1300 205 523) understand how urgent it is to restore electric power regardless of the time, and guarantee that an after hours plumber in Sydney will reach your location within one hour, as long as you are within city limits.

When the plumbing system in your house or business malfunctions or fails outright, at some inconvenient time of day, you do not want to sit for many hours waiting for an plumber to dawdle to your doorstep. You want the problem dealt with so that you can get back to sleep, prepare for work without fearing for the expensive, melting contents of your refrigerator, or continue the operation of your all-night restaurant, video game parlour, or convenience store.

Remaining out of operation all night can cost a business thousands of dollars, depending on its nature. You cannot serve customers at a restaurant if the electric kitchen appliances are standing idle and the lights in the main serving area are dark because of a shorted-out circuit breaker somewhere in your walls. Nor can you afford to shut down whenever there is a problem with the electricity – problems which are all too common because of the high power demands of many businesses.

The computer has become a vital tool for many businesses, too, ranging from manufacturing to service to retail. Without the computer, adequate records cannot be kept of stock or clients, possibly leading to transactions failing to be recorded, or, in the worst case scenario, employee pilferage going unnoticed due to an “information blackout” overnight.

There is no need for alarm when the lights go out, however. With our guarantee to be on the scene and starting repairs within 60 minutes, the after hours plumbers from Sydney’s Graham and Sons are among the fastest and most reliable in the business. If you want to save even more money, join us as a regular member and you will receive a 15% discount in addition to travel fees being waived.

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