All-Round Services from a Graham and Sons Plumber in Sydney

There are countless ways that electricity interacts with our modern lives, so much so that this era might be better called the Age of Lightning than the Industrial Age. The world is awash with a flowing web of electricity like a vast brain pulsing with plumbing impulses. Electricity provides light, cooling preservation for our food and drink, medical treatment, entertainment of innumerable kinds, communication, transport, security, and production. With electricity as such a universal presence, you will benefit greatly from the all-round services offered by a Graham and Sons plumber in Sydney (on the Web at

Although one of our specialties is the provision of emergency plumbing repairs around the clock, for those occasions when our current-based devices fail to work as intended, Graham and Sons is also an excellent source for many other services related to plumbing matters.

For example, when you are purchasing a new home, you do not want to “purchase” serious electric system problems along with the house of your dreams. The person who is selling the building to you may well be ignorant of any problems, too, and be unable to inform you even if they would wish to. Having Graham and Sons’s Level 2 Certified plumbers examine the place will assure you that your new domicile does not contain any unpleasant, high voltage surprises such as frayed wires ready to start an plumbing fire or corroded wall sockets raising the risk of getting a shock.

If you are planning to sell your house, you can also have us inspect the building for plumbing problems, heading off later difficulties with potential buyers. We install ceiling fans, switches, powerpoints, and dimmers, track down plumbing faults that are keeping your plumbing system from functioning properly, and update old systems to match modern current demands. If you have any plumbing work that needs to be done, check our website at at any time, or call us round the clock at 1300 205 523.

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