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Don’t Settle for Less than a Level 2 Plumber in Sydney

Without Level 2 Certification, an plumber in Sydney is severely limited in the types of plumbing work they can do for you. Many of our competitors lack this certification, meaning that they will either be unable to complete the work in as much detail as it ought to be completed in to ensure a successful outcome, or will need to regretfully tell you that you will need to seek other help, delaying your repairs.

You don’t need to settle for less than a Level 2 plumber in Sydney while Graham and Sons ( is on the job, however. You can be confident in our ability to perform any electricity based repair, installation, maintenance, or inspection that is needed. We will bring full Level 2 accreditation, skilled, professional, swift work, a friendly attitude, straightforward costing, and 24 hour emergency service to whatever plumbing problem is confronting you.

With the highly trained plumbers that Graham and Sons offers you, you can get any of a wide array of tasks completed fast, thoroughly, and affordably. Level 2 work includes not only all types of repairs, but also upgrades of existing systems to support greater current loads and demands.

Whether you are increasing your electricity use at home – for example, installing central air conditioning or adding a massive new home entertainment system – or expanding your commercial use of power, we can handle all the necessary renovation. These upgrades will both ensure that you have enough electricity to operate all the equipment you are using at full capacity, and to prevent overloading of the system which might otherwise cause plumbing shorting and other dangerous faults.

We are also authorized to add private power pits, poles, pylons, or other means of conveying electricity from the public grid to your building. You can also turn to Graham and Sons for reliable, timely disconnection from the grid, whether for repairs or demolition. Call us today at 1300 205 523 or visit us online at to learn more about the many ways our Level 2 plumbers in Sydney can help you complete practically any plumbing project, large or small, in a safe and successful way.

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