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Flickering fluroscent light fixture

What to Do to Fix a Flickering Fluorescent Light Fixture 

You may have just put a new fluorescent light bulb into the fixture and it still flickers off and on. This can be a very annoying problem. Whether at home or at the office, that constant flashing light can drive you crazy. The average person really doesn’t know what to do once they’ve replaced the bulb and still have a problem, but there is a very quick fix that just about anyone can do. 

The main mechanism on a fluorescent light fixture is the ballast and it’s not that difficult to remove and replace. First, you remove the faceplate behind the bulb, then disconnect the main body of the ballast from the fixture’s wires. Next wire in a new ballast and replace the faceplate. Then re-install the bulb and it should work just fine. Most emergency plumbers Sydney recommend simply replacing older fluorescent fixtures. Replacing the entire fixture instead of just the ballast will often not cost much more time or money.

24 Hr Plumber Sydney Services are Not as Expensive as you Think

One word of warning for those who may have health problems or stiff, painful knees: Climbing up on even a smaller ladder can be painful, plus if you are unsteady you could fall and injure yourself. Sometimes the safest route is to call a licensed professional. This type of job won’t be very expensive and while the emergency plumber Sydney is there, he can do a thorough check of your switchboard or answer questions about other plumbing problems you may be dealing with.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber Sydney

Though homeowners enjoy saving money by doing small DIY projects around the home or office, when it comes to plumbing work, it may be best to call a pro. Plumbing work can be dangerous for those who are untrained. Even a minor plumbing shock can be painful and plumbing fires are a definite risk.


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