How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers

How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers

If you have a ladder and a few tools, then you should have no problem changing a light fixture. Though the instructions are pretty straightforward, you might encounter a few problems along the way. The first thing to do when attempting work on any electric device, fixture or appliance is to turn off the breaker to the item. Your breaker box should have a list of which breakers control the rooms/appliances.

Next, unscrew the plate that holds the fixture to the ceiling. When it comes away from the ceiling, some dust and debris will fall so shield your eyes. The only thing holding the fixture now is the wires so disconnect each one. Use caution and try not to damage or break the wires that come out of the ceiling. Once the wiring has been disconnected, the fixture will easily come down.  Set it aside and find your new light fixture.

Take the new light fixture and find each color of wire. Usually there is a white, green and black wire and there may be a thin copper wire as well. Twist the copper wires together first, then connect the green on the fixture with the green coming out of the ceiling and so on till all wires are connected.

Tip: Wire connectors can be purchased very inexpensively at a local hardware store. All you do is twist the connector over the joined wires and it will secure and protect them.

Now push the wires up into the hole and push the new fixture against the ceiling. Since your new fixture will most likely have a different screw hole configuration than the old one, it may be necessary to start new screw holes. This is easier to accomplish with a cordless screwdriver. Next put a new light bulb(s) into the new fixture.

Once the fixture is securely screwed to the ceiling you can turn the breaker back on. Flip the light switch and the light should come on. If it does not, replace the bulbs first. If the light still doesn’t come on, you may have the wires connected incorrectly or they may not be making a secure connection.

If all else fails, call a professional plumber. Graham and Sons can send someone out the same day and have your new light fixture up and working correctly in no time. Our skilled Sydney plumbers are clean, tidy and respectful and we guarantee all our work. Call us today for a free estimate.


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