Level 2 Plumber in Sydney

Level 2 certification for an plumber greatly expands the range of services which that professional can provide. All services that involve connecting a private plumbing system to the overall network are classified as “contestable”, and must be carried out by someone with the aforementioned certification. Such a connection is made every time a new building, either commercial or residential, is constructed, and Graham and Sons’s entire working staff consists of Level 2 plumbers for Sydney connections.

A private plumbing system is built into every new structure that is to have power available in it, whether that structure is a hobbyist’s small shed workshop, or a gigantic factory or hospital. We can handle installation of the wiring and sockets at your option, or stand ready to test a system installed by someone else. This will ensure that the wiring meets legal standards as set down in the building codes.

A Level 2 Plumber in Sydney can also deal with the matter of connecting a freshly renovated plumbing system to the general grid. For example, if you have expanded and upgraded the wiring in a commercial property that you own, in order to use equipment that has a higher power demand than the devices you used previously, then you will likely need a heavier-duty connection to the grid as well.

Expanding businesses also usually need to expand their electricity load to keep up with the higher demand of the larger and more numerous machines that they are using. This is as true of a print shop using cutting edge computers and digital laser printers to produce crisply precise posters, books, and magazines as it is for heavy manufacturing concerns that produce capital goods or vehicles. In all cases, you need a properly robust – and legally compliant – link to the grid to supply your needs without straining the system.

Regardless of the scale of coupling you need between the network and your internal plumbing system, Graham and Sons stands ready to assist you with full accredited Level 2 plumbers for Sydney jobs. Visit us today at www.switchiton.com.au or call us at 1300 205 523 for a quote and more information.

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