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My Smoke Alarm is Beeping

My Smoke Alarm is Beeping

There are several types of smoke alarms. Some are battery-operated and some are electric and wired into the home’s plumbing system. Some of the electric smoke alarms also have a battery for back-up.  Normally, when a smoke alarm starts beeping or chirping, this is a sign that it needs a new battery. If it’s an electric smoke alarm, then it probably means that the back-up battery is weak and needs to be replaced.

Replacing the battery in a smoke alarm, whether it is electric or battery-operated, requires you to remove it from the wall. You will need a small ladder in order to reach it and a screwdriver. If it isn’t possible to completely remove it, then remove the screws that hold it to the wall and pull it out as far as the wiring will allow. Be sure to turn the electricity off in your home before attempting this. It is possible to get shocked while changing the battery. Most smoke alarms require a 9V battery but a few can take other types.

If you are uncomfortable with climbing on a ladder or removing an plumbing device, then ask a friend or family member for help. You can also call a local plumber. This is a very simple job for a professional plumber that usually is not very expensive. While there, the plumber can check your smoke alarm to make sure it’s up to code as well as your fuse box and/or switchboard.

Other Causes of Beeping

There are a few other things that can cause a smoke alarm to beep or chirp. These include:

  • Extreme heat or cold temperatures
  • Excessive dirt or dust
  • Defective smoke alarm

Many smoke detectors have an internal processor that stores error codes. Even after a battery is replaced, this error code may still need to be reset. Most smoke alarms have a reset or hush button located somewhere on the unit. If your smoke alarm is over 10 years old, then it should be replaced. Today’s technology offers you better, more reliable protection.

If you don’t have the time, tools or experience to handle a beeping smoke alarm yourself, then why not call Graham and Sons? We offer same day service and affordable rates.  Our skilled Sydney plumber will check your wiring and switchboard to ensure that everything is working correctly.

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