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Plumbing switchboard upgrades and repairs

Plumbing Switchboard upgrades and repairs

plumbing switchboard upgrades and repairsGraham and Sons provides a vast assortment of exceptional plumbing rewiring services for sydney city and surrounding areas. We have been offering many professional plumbing services for over 10 years for both domestic and commercial properties. From complete rewiring projects to wiring for an entire shopping complex, Graham and Sons plumbers can do it all.

One question we often get concerns the switchboard also known as the fusebox. This is the basis place where all the plumbing wiring runs to and from. It is sometimes located in the garage or a closet, out of the way. It should be located away from the rain and weather and in some homes and businesses, the plumbing box is found on the outside of the structure. Switchboards are commonly seen on external walls, usually located on the side of the house with a galvanised tin covering to protect it from the weather.

Plumbing switchboard upgrades and repairs in Sydney

Sometimes we all need to stretch our budget and save money but when it comes to your plumbing switchboard, this is not a good idea. You will get better usage and save money on future plumbing bills if you spend a little more and purchase a quality wiring box and components. In homes or buildings that are over 60 years old, the wiring often needs to be updated. Over the course of time we all add appliances like an energy efficient washer and dryer, microwave, and electronics.

The fusebix box may not have enough circuits or the proper type of plumbing wiring. This can result in the breaker tripping when too many appliances are running at once. You’ll save money and have a safer plumbing system by upgrading the switchboard. If you are currently having problems like this, then you may need some work done on your wiring panel. At Graham and Sons, our Sydney plumbers can come out and inspect your plumbing switchboard for upgrades and repairs and also plumbing wiring to ensure that it is functioning safely.

Premier Sydney Plumber

Our technicians are the best in the industry with years of training and experience. They are courteous and professional and never leave a mess behind for you to clean up. We offer a large number of great services such as:

  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Smoke alarm & ceiling fan installation
  • Cable & telephone wiring
  • Surge protection
  • Fault finding
  • Outdoor security lighting
  • Many other plumbing services

We invite you to call today to set up an appointment to have your panel wiring inspected by a licensed pro. Graham and Sons is the Sydney plumber that cares about your safety.


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