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Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Power surges are unpredictable increases in the voltage going through your home or office plumbing system. Microprocessors, which are found in many everyday electronics like televisions, washing machines and refrigerators, are very susceptible to these surges and may suffer permanent, irreversible damage if not protected. Graham and Sons has years of experience with surge protector installation Sydney services, and we guarantee our workmanship up to seven years!

Why You Need Surge Protector Installation Sydney

So why should you even worry about surge protection? Well, power surges may occur in varying degrees and for many reasons. Some are certainly more harmful than others, and a large power surge will cause immediate damage, with financial consequences that may be very serious. Most power surges are internal, which means they occur within your home or workplace. They may happen throughout the day, even if your device is turned off. While the effects of small power surges aren’t usually immediate, they will cause gradual deterioration of your devices until the electric circuit no longer works.

Hiring a skilled Graham and Sons plumber to install a whole house surge protector will prevent your plugged in electronics and appliances from voltage surges caused by lightning strikes, as well as internal surges. Don’t leave your electronics as sitting ducks, just waiting for the next power surge to strike! Surge protector installation in Sydney is not nearly as expensive as you may think, and it can pay for itself in no time when you consider the cost of replacing even one device, such as a brand new high-def television.

Graham and Sons takes our surge protector installation Sydney service very seriously, and we use only the highest quality materials, guaranteeing all repairs up to 12 months and workmanship for up to 7 years. We pride ourselves on the respect our plumbers will show you and your home and we’re dedicated to hiring only the best. We also have fixed, upfront pricing so you can rest easy knowing the meter isn’t running if we’re not working. If you want to protect your appliances and electronics from potentially devastating power surges, call us today about our surge protector installation Sydney service!


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