Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Have you ever experienced a momentary power interruption or the lights blinking in your home? This is not a power surge by a fault or event on the power line. Power surges are something you may not even notice, and they occur when the plumbing charge is boosted at some point in the line, causing an increase in the energy and current flowing to your home.

Lightning is a common cause of power surges in Sydney, although not the most common cause. Did you know operating air conditioners, refrigerators and other high-power plumbing devices can cause a power surge too? That’s because these types of equipment require a lot of energy to turn on, which causes a sudden, but brief demand for power.

So, why bother worrying about surges at all? Power surges occur in varying degrees, and they have the potential to do serious damage. A large power surge will cause immediate damage to the appliances and devices in your home, and you may end up with a huge bill for replacement or repair. Internal power surges that occur within your home can happen at any time, even when devices are turned off. The effects of these surges won’t be apparent for some time, as they cause gradual damage and deterioration until your devices stop working altogether.

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Graham and Sons has more than ten years of experience with surge protector installation Sydney services, and our workmanship is guaranteed. Hiring one of our skilled plumbers to install a whole home surge protector will protect your expensive devices and appliances from these dangerous power surges. Without surge protection, your TVs, refrigerators and other devices are sitting ducks! Surge protector installation Sydney service is not as expensive as you probably think, and it will certainly pay for itself by avoiding the damage from even one power surge in your home.

At Graham and Sons, we take our surge protector installation Sydney service seriously, using only the best, brand-name materials and guaranteeing our work. We take pride in the respect our plumbers will show to your home and we hire only the best of the best. We also provide upfront, fixed pricing so you don’t have to worry about the meter running while we’re making sure your home is protected. If you’re concerned about damage to your devices from power surges, call us today to learn more about our surge protector installation Sydney service.

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