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Get Reliable Cable Television, Telephone Wiring, Internet Cable Installation

Have you been having problems with your cabling and wiring services?

Sometimes we get fuzzy sound and video or interruptions in service and this can signal a problem along the network somewhere or with the wiring or connections. Graham and Sons offers professional services for telephone wiring, cable TV and internet installation. We are fully licensed and certified to perform this type of work in the Greater Sydney area.

It’s important to have top quality communication services in your home and business and nobody does a more thorough job than Graham and Sons. If you’ve just added a room onto your home or renovated your office space, you may need to install extra cable, network or data points. Whether you simply want to improve your enjoyment at home or be more productive at the office, this is a very cost effective way to get the antenna, data points and cabling you need.

Fast, Friendly Sydney Plumber

Regardless of what type of cabling, telephone or internet cables your system requires, Graham and Sons can get it done fast and at a low price you can afford. Here’s a listing of our fine services:

  • Home extension of ADSL connection
  • Office network installation
  • Patchable cabling
  • Install additional phone points
  • Data & phone line install and repair
  • Underground aerial cabling
  • Repair or replace faulty cabling
  • New data points, modem outlets, antenna points, sockets

Installation from a Professional Sydney Plumber

Using specialized equipment, our Sydney plumbers are able to track down and repair faults in your phone line or data network. It’s easy and convenient to install extra phone, network and data outlets in your home or office. You’ll enjoy not having to be in one certain room to use the computer or talk on the phone.

Graham and Sons gives you many great services and low prices. It’s important to choose a Sydney Plumber that will perform all the specified work at a cost-effective price and guarantee the work. We provide a long list of terrific plumbing services such as outdoor lighting, ceiling fan installation, switchboard upgrades, smoke detectors and even commercial plumbing work.

If you ever have a problem with your cabling, internet or phone service, remember the name Graham and Sons. We’ve been serving Sydney for over 10 years with exceptional service that you can trust. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our professional plumbing work for home or business.

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