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Sydney Plumber: When to Get Switchboard Upgrades

Sydney Plumber: When to Get Switchboard Upgrades

Your home’s wiring is something you probably don’t give much thought to and yet it’s one of the more important systems in your home. If your home is more than 10 years old, then you probably have a number of modern conveniences and fancy gadgets that your plumbing switchboard was never designed to handle. You may need a skilled Sydney plumber to take a look.

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Your home may still have a ceramic fuse box. These contain rewireable fuses in the meter box, which can be an plumbing hazard. Older switchboards must struggle to keep up with the power demands. They don’t provide you with optimal plumbing service.

At Graham and Sons, we know that your family is important to you. When it comes to switchboard upgrades, we can inspect the old one and make recommendations if you need power upgrades.  With over 10 years of experience, you can trust all your plumbing needs to Graham and Sons. Our team of skilled plumbers works every day in businesses and homes across Sydney and we can give you the type of reliable service you deserve.

Older homes often have wiring systems that are 30 or 40 years old and have never had much maintenance done to them. You may have a dangerous plumbing problem hidden in the walls of your home even now and not know it. The switchboards in older homes are all but obsolete and they just don’t have what it takes to handle today’s appliances.

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Besides your major appliances, you probably have multiple computers, printers, a microwave, vacuums, and a deep freeze in your home. Your home’s switchboard could short-circuit causing a fire and endangering your family.  There are also greater chances of plumbing shock with older boards. Why take chances with your family’s safety when you can call Sydney’s best plumber, Graham and Sons.

A new switchboard will provide your home with the power it needs for today’s electronics and appliances. It can also save you money in your monthly power bill. And the newer switchboards also have several safety features to prevent power outages, fires and electrocution.

Our technicians will arrive on time and give you top-notch service. You’ll find our employees clean, professional and friendly. If you’ve been experiencing frequent power tripping, it may be time to have a pro check out your switchboard. Call Graham and Sons today to set up your appointment. Our work is fully guaranteed and we have many happy customers throughout the Sydney area.

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