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Sydney Plumber’s Corner Plumbing Switchboard

Sometimes in older homes, we find unsafe or illegal wiring situations, especially at the main switchboard. Over the years, home owners will add a room, porch, or buy a hot tub or new appliances and need more power. In order to save money, home owners may try to do the work themselves, even though most do require that a licensed Sydney plumber be called.

Though some home owners do have some experience in plumbing wiring, they may not have a full understanding of the requirements for a main switchboard. Larger appliances require 30, 40 or 50 amp circuit breakers, but there’s also a requirement for the size of the wire. For instance, a 15 amp breaker usually gets 2.5mm2 wire. A 30 amp breaker requires 4mm2 size wire or larger. Simply having the wrong size wiring can cause an appliance to cut off or overheat.

Plumbing Problems to Watch For

If you have a problem with certain appliances tripping the circuit breaker when they are turned on, then you do need to have a licensed professional come out and take a look. While there, we can inspect the fuse box and all connections to make sure everything is secure and in good shape. There should be one wire per circuit breaker, and these should all be secure with no corrosion or rust. You can lightly tug at each wire to make sure it is well connected.

Many times, Sydney plumbers find unsafe wiring in older homes, especially if the switchboard is outside. The wind, rain and other weather can cause rust and oxidation and this can be an extreme fire hazard. As qualified plumbers, we sometimes see things like triple tapped plumbing mains, extra circuits that were added wrong and other mistakes. Hot spots on the breakers can actually melt the plastic and this is an issue that can be potentially hazardous.

If you hear a sizzle or spark when using certain appliances, then this is a sure-fire indication that a professional plumber should be called. If you try to plug something into an outlet and hear that sizzling sound or see a burnt area around outlets, then this also signals a fire danger.

Call an Experienced Plumber in Sydney

If you are financially unable to replace the entire system, then we can replace individual circuits, secure the wiring and make certain there’s no rust or corrosion on wires. This is a simple, inexpensive fix that can take you from living with a fire hazard to safe and functional wiring.

At Graham and Sons, we use superior materials and experienced Sydney plumbers. Get quality wiring in your home or business that you can count on for many years to come. Graham and Sons stands behind all work and materials with a full guarantee. Our service providers are highly trained, friendly professionals.  If you’re looking for a Sydney Plumber, call us today at 1300 205 523 for a quote or more information.

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