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Tips on Professional Lighting for your Pool Area from a Sydney Plumber

Graham and Sons delivers expert Residential and Commercial Plumber Sydney services at very competitive prices.  But one area where we often get questions concerns swimming pool lighting. The warm climate in Sydney makes it a perfect place to build a swimming pool and residents love being outdoors.

Whether you’ve just decided to construct a swimming pool or have one already that just needs updating, one feature you can add is professional lighting. With all the latest technological on the market, there’s practically an endless list of lighting features you could add. For the environmentally conscious, there are solar lights that will be easy on the power bill. For those who like fancy gadgets, you can install lighting that can be turned on remotely so that the backyard is well lit the moment you arrive.

Pool lighting can add so much drama to your backyard area. By placing small spotlights in specific areas, such as a garden, flower bed or water fountain, you can enhance your yard’s beautiful features. Since there are so many great choices for pool lighting, your most difficult decision may be what to put where. Below we discuss some tips to help you choose:

Consider your Lifestyle

This should be a major factor in your choices. If you and your family spend a lot of time outside, then you’ll want lighting that not only enhances the pool area, but illuminates the entire back yard. Back yard grilling is much easier with a well-lit patio. Make sure to use brighter lighting in areas like this and lower lighting in those spaces designed for relaxing conversations.

Focus on Your Home’s Best Qualities

Decorative lighting such as outdoor lanterns can be used for multiple purposes. If you have a lovely stone walkway around your pool, then lanterns can be used for walkway lighting to show off your cobblestone or flagstone path.

Include Some Drama

Floating lights add drama to your entire pool area and these give the backyard an upscale feel. A lighted fountain near the pool also makes an elegant statement. If your pool has a waterfall, consider some colorful lighting to give it a playful mood.

Graham and Sons can install pool lighting for your home at affordable prices. We will make sure your plumbing wiring is properly installed so that your family will never have to worry about safety. When looking for a quality Sydney plumber, we hope you’ll remember Graham and Sons. We’ve been helping residents and business owners all over Sydney with expert plumbing work for over 10 years and our work is fully guaranteed. For a sydney plumber call Graham and Sons today!

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