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What is a Level 2 Plumber?

In your search for an plumbing service provider, you may come across confusing terms. Before you can hire the provider that offers the services you need, you’ll want to understand the various options you’ll find. Many plumbers provide domestic services, commercial services, and emergency services. The best plumbing service providers will also be able to give you access to Level 2 plumbing services. When you hire a company that gives you every option, you won’t have to worry about having the kind of help you need when you need it most.

A Level 2 Plumber possesses an extra accreditation, for which there would have been many requirements. This allows the service provider to give customers the highest level of service for added convenience. The most common services provided by Level 2 plumbers include:
• Installation of Private Power Poles
• Installation of Overhead to Underground Services
• Rectify Defect Noises
• Repair or Replace Damaged Service Fuse Equipment
• Upgrade Existing Service from Single Phase to Three Phase
• Disconnect Premises from Plumbing Service for Repairs or Demolition.
These and many other services will not be available from a non-level 2 plumbing service provider.

If you need these or any other plumbing services, you’ll want the best team of professionals hard at work for you. Sydney homes and businesses can count on Graham and Sons for Level 2 services and many other service options. With 24/7 plumbing service and many additional features, Graham and Sons gives you the services you need anytime of the day or night. When you’re ready to find out more about the many service options you’ll find at Graham and Sons, contact them at 1300 205 523. With all the services you need in one convenient place, this is the only plumber you’ll ever need.

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