Outdoor Lighting as a Security Feature to your Home

Outdoor lighting can often make the exterior of homes look more inviting and this is quite often the reason why it is installed by home owners.  What most don’t realise is that the same outdoor lighting, if placed in the appropriate location also has security benefits.

Research shows that homes and businesses that are well-lit are less likely to attract unwanted visitors because there is less dark space for them to operate in.

When considering the outdoor lighting requirements for you home, you should consider some factors that will help keep your home, family and belongings more secure:

  • security lightingLocation: Ensure your outdoor lighting is very visible to prying eyes.  Placing lighting at key points (near doorways, garage entrances and patio doors) will deter intruders and will also be practical for your own usage when entering and leaving the property at night.


  • Lighting Choices: You should consider the brightness of the lighting you choose for your home. For lighting such as porch lighting, you should opt for a minimum of 60 watts. Spotlights are ideal for wider properties – their rays can cover entire gardens.  Landscape lighting is efficient for smaller spaces and their brightness is not as important because it may be enough that the light creates a silhouette.


  • sensorMotion Sensor Lights: Motion sensor lights are an extremely effective way of adding an extra layer of security to your home. They are practical in that they
    ight up on demand, but they also save your energy bills because they switch when no-one is around.  Motion sensor lights prove extremely effective with scaring away intruders who are startled by the sudden burst of light.

In general, homes and businesses that are well-lit are less likely to fall prey to intruders. Well lit places seem safer and increase the chance of a person being spotted while breaking into or exiting the premises. When planning your outdoor lighting arrangement, there are some key aspects to keep in mind that will inevitably enhance the safety of your home.

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