Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling-fan installationOur highly qualified team of Sydney plumbers will swiftly install your ceiling fan, so that you can make the most of your surroundings. Whether you are looking to add a feature to your living room, save money or cool down, ceiling fans are a popular addition to mainly homes and some businesses across Sydney. There are many reasons why we install so many ceiling fans:

Cooling in Summer Months – Ceiling fans are proven create a cooling effect during the hot Sydney Summer.  It’s a common misconception that they actually reduce the temperature in the room.  In fact, rotating the ceiling fan blades in a counter-clockwise rotation simply creates a ‘breeze’ effect through the evaporation of moisture on the skin.  This breeze effect can make room temperature feel several degrees cooler in the summer, reducing the need for expensive air conditioning.

Warming in Winter Months – Many do not realise the benefits of ceiling fan usage during the winter. Ceiling fans can actually increase the temperature of the room by rotating its blades clockwise.  Warm air naturally rises.  This clockwise motion therefore forces warm air from the ceiling to return down to the living area. As the room temperature rises, you can save money on your electricity bills by adjusting your thermostat to a lower setting to save on heating.

Affordability – Ceiling fans are a low-cost solution to your heat and cooling needs.  From just several cents a day, you could be saving dollars.

Energy Efficiency – Ceiling fans reduce the need for excessive air-conditioning, thus saving the environment from more harm and saving your electricity bills from soaring in the summer months.

Pest Deterrent – Ceiling fans can be helpful in keeping away pests, therefore many people chose to install them directly above dining tables.

Safety – Quite often, ceiling fans are preferred over free-standing fans because they are out of reach of children and pets.

Aesthetics – Today, ceiling fans are designed as room features, rather than a clunky eyesore.

Space Saving – Free-standing fans take up valuable floor space that can be used for other activities.

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A little more information….

With energy bills rising it would be wise to introduce cost effective measures to your home. One way to do this is by installing a ceiling fan.

The air in the room is kept circulating by the fan making it feel either warmer or cooler. In Summer, the rotating blades make the room cooler simply by rotating counter-clockwise. Conversely in Winter, the blades rotate clockwise forcing warm air from the ceiling down throughout the room.

The ceiling fan will ultimately reduce your energy bill as you can adjust the air-conditioning system to a higher or lower temperature depending on the season. By doing this it uses up less energy. For example in Summer, instead of setting the air-conditioning to 15 degrees which uses up a lot of energy, you may set it at 20 degrees.

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