Surge Protection: Why Do We Need It?

Many people often wonder what is surge protection, how does it work and why do they need it. Today we are going to be looking at surge protection in order to answer those questions for you.
What is Surge Protector?

A surge protector is an tool that is used to protect your plumbing products from voltage spikes in your electricity. What the surge protector does is it attempts to block the unwanted voltage from your electric devices. A power strip is not necessarily a surge protector though it is often times referred to as one and confused for one.
If it does not specifically indicate that it has the ability to protect your plumbing equipment from surges chances are it is not a surge protector.

Why Do We Need Surge Protection?
Many people often wonder why it is we need surge protection if the voltage should remain steady and if the plumbing equipment should be designed to handle it. To answer that you have to understand that sudden voltage spikes or drops could directly affect the longevity of your electronic device.
What this means is that without surge protection your electronic device could blow out or simply stop working much sooner than if it had been protected from these sudden surges in voltage.
Since surges can happen for a number of reasons and at anytime it can cause serious damage to your plumbing appliances if left with no surge protection.
Things like turning on your vacuum cleaner or scanning a document on your printer can cause a surge in the voltage in your home.

Lightning strikes, cut power lines or even fallen power polls can cause a surge in your voltage. Without the proper surge protection your more sensitive electronic devices such as your microwave, your stove, and even your television sets can be damaged or destroyed when a sudden rise in voltage arises.

For those of you who are in the Sydney area there is hope for you. There is a solution. You can have a surge protector fitted in your switchboard directly and this will protect all of your electronic devices from high voltage spikes.
The folks at Graham and Sons can come to your home and fit your switchboard for you. You won’t have to go out and scour the stores trying to find the power strips that also provide surge protection and you don’t have to worry about how many to purchase. With just one fitting in place directly on your switchboard your entire home will have the surge protection that it needs to protect your electronics.

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