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Emergency Plumbing & Response

We know that you need a fast and reliable plumbing service provider that you can always reach every time you have a plumbing emergency. Here at Graham & Sons, we treat our customers like our family and friends and treat every call like a distress call. We jump into any plumbing situation you are in and take you out of it as swift as we can. Our guaranteed workmanship and repairs will also give you the peace of mind that you will never have the same problem again.

Fast Response and Round-The-Clock Availability

emergency plumber sydneyAll our friendly staffs are working 24/7 and the whole year round to assure you that you can always reach us when you need our services. In fact, we are even operational during holidays when most providers are out. Because we understand it can impair your holiday preparations when any plumbing emergency arise, we make sure you can always call us and we will be there right with you.

Our local certified plumbers are equipped with fast vehicles so we can arrive at your premise in no time. When you call us, consider your plumbing problem as good as fixed.

High End Tools and Materials

We always ensure that all our works are guaranteed and with high level of quality to last all fix and installations last longer. Hence, we only use tools and materials from only the trusted brands.

Safe Practices

All our licensed plumbers always observe safe plumbing practices. We use protective gears and always pays attention to our customers’ safety. You are safe with Graham & Sons at all times!

What To Do And Expect From Graham & Sons?

  1. At the onset of a plumbing emergency, DO NOT panic and know that Graham & Sons will be right with you to fix the problem in no time.
  1. In case of water leaks, turn off your water valve to prevent further water coming out. All other issues proceed to step 3.
  1. Call Graham & Sons at 02 9199 7430 and we will assess your problem.
  1. If the problem is properly determined, we will offer you the solution with the very affordable price upfront. If the problem needs to be evaluated onsite, our certified plumbers will provide the best solution and discuss to you the lowest charges before the work begins.
  1. We will dispatch our local certified plumbers in no time to conduct guaranteed fix of your plumbing emergency.
  1. After all is checked and ensured working properly, we explain to you what the problem is and what solution was applied so you will know what to expect and do when faced the same issue.
  1. We clean the work area so you won’t be left alone with the cleaning.


Request a call back within 60 seconds!*

    * Between 8.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.