How to Get a Plumbing Apprenticeship in Sydney?

Are you interested in starting a career in plumbing? An apprenticeship with a reputable company like Graham and Sons Plumbing could be your gateway into this essential and rewarding trade. Embarking on a plumbing apprenticeship in Sydney can open doors to a secure and lucrative … Continue reading

Understanding Plumbing Regulations and Laws in Sydney: A Guide for Homeowners

Welcome to our latest blog post, dedicated to homeowners in Sydney! Today, we’re diving deep into the plumbing regulations and laws that are in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing systems. At Graham and Sons Plumbing, we’re committed to providing not … Continue reading

When is a Plumbing Compliance Certificate Required in NSW?

Navigating the regulatory landscape of the plumbing industry in New South Wales can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding when a Plumbing Compliance Certificate is necessary. This document serves as a crucial piece of evidence, demonstrating that all plumbing work carried out on … Continue reading

Clogged Drains: Prevention and Maintenance

Clogged Drains: Prevention and Maintenance Introduction Clogged drains are a common nuisance that can significantly disrupt your daily routine. If neglected, they can lead to expensive repairs and potentially severe plumbing issues. Understanding the causes of clogged drains and implementing effective prevention and maintenance strategies … Continue reading

Bathroom Floor Drain Smells? Here’s How To Fix It.

Battling Bathroom Drain Odours: Common Causes and Home Solutions Bathrooms are supposed to be our personal retreats for hygiene and relaxation. However, a smelly bathroom drain can turn this retreat into a source of discomfort. Understanding the root cause of these odours is essential in … Continue reading

What To Do in the First 5 Minutes of a Plumbing Emergency

The first 5 minutes of a plumbing emergency are crucial. Quick and correct actions can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major catastrophe.  This guide aims to be your go-to resource for what to do in the first 5 minutes of various … Continue reading

Stop Leaks Forever: The Pro’s Guide to Effortlessly Replacing Your Mixer Tap’s Washer

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste up to 15 litres of water per day? Not only is this wasteful, but it can also become a significant annoyance. The most common culprit? A worn-out washer in your mixer tap. In this comprehensive guide, … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Dishwasher Installation: Costs, Tips, and How to Save

The Ultimate Guide to Dishwasher Installation: Costs, Tips, and How to Save

Did you know that a dishwasher can save you up to 230 hours a year? That’s almost 10 full days you could use for something else! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why installing a dishwasher is a smart choice, the true costs involved, … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Blocked Drains: DIY Tips and Professional Advice

The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Blocked Drains: DIY Tips and Professional Advice

Ever had a blocked drain ruin your day? We’re talking about that exasperating moment when you discover water pooling in your sink or hear the troubling gurgle as your toilet refuses to flush. It’s the stuff of homeowners’ nightmares, and a matter that often arises … Continue reading

Plumber Near Me vs Local Plumber: Which One to Choose and Why?

Finding the right plumber for your needs can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many options available. One of the most common ways to search for a plumber is by using the terms “plumber near me” or “local plumber.” While these two … Continue reading

How to Unblock a Toilet: 8 Methods That Actually Work

How to Unblock a Toilet: 8 Methods That Actually Work

A blocked toilet is one of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners face. It can be a messy and unpleasant experience, especially if you do not have a plunger on hand. While a plunger is the most used tool for unblocking a toilet, there … Continue reading

Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems: Which is the Best for Your Home?

Choosing the right hot water system for your home is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your energy bills and the environment. When it comes to hot water systems and hot water installation, the two main options are gas and electric. … Continue reading

How to Deal with Blocked Toilets in Sydney?

Blocked toilets in Sydney homes and businesses can create a huge mess. Few things are more terrifying than flushing the bathroom toilet only to see the water rise instead of drain. Worse yet, the more you try to flush, the higher the water level rises! … Continue reading

 How To Choose a Plumber in Sydney

We understand that deciding on which plumbing company to hire can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this is an easy question for us to answer because this is what we do every day and we understand the Sydney plumbing market extremely well. Let’s look at … Continue reading

How Much Do Plumbers Earn in Australia in 2023?

How Much Do Plumbers Earn in Australia A career in plumbing can make a lot of sense when you consider earning potential, job opportunities, and stability. Plus, it’s often an exciting and fulfilling career in which no two days are ever the same for a … Continue reading

Why Should You Handover Your Plumbing Works To A Pro?

Why Should You Handover Your Plumbing Works To A Pro?

Being a homeowner, everyone will have different ideas on their plumbing installations and repair. For some, it is not worth doing unless you can do it yourself, while others panic even with the word sewage and expects a plumbing service. But some work is better … Continue reading

New Wiring for Homes

Sydney is proud of its lovely older structures. These include homes, public buildings and commercial buildings. The architectural style has evolved over the last few hundred years and today is known and loved the world over. One of the downsides of these many older structures … Continue reading

Upgrading Plumbing Wiring in a House

Most homeowners think that if the lights come on when they flip the light switch, then the electricity must be working properly. According to a recent study, faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires. And most victims had no idea their wiring … Continue reading

How to Connect a Stove

Connecting any major appliance requires skill, training and the right tools. There are many types of stoves including electric and gas ranges, electric cooktops, and ovens. In Australia these appliances should be connected by a licensed professional to ensure that the work is done correctly. … Continue reading

How to Change a Power Point

In Sydney, it’s important to have all your plumbing work done by a licensed professional and yet the more you know about the process, the better. Homeowners who understand the basics of plumbing jobs like changing a power point or light fixture feel more confident … Continue reading

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker for plumbers in sydney

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker for plumbers in sydney Though replacing a circuit breaker is not that hard, it’s still a dangerous job where you can get a pretty severe electric shock. If you do not feel confident about your ability to work with an … Continue reading

How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers

How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers If you have a ladder and a few tools, then you should have no problem changing a light fixture. Though the instructions are pretty straightforward, you might encounter a few problems along the way. The first thing … Continue reading

My Smoke Alarm is Beeping

My Smoke Alarm is Beeping There are several types of smoke alarms. Some are battery-operated and some are electric and wired into the home’s plumbing system. Some of the electric smoke alarms also have a battery for back-up.  Normally, when a smoke alarm starts beeping … Continue reading

I need a Fuse Box Upgrade

I need a Fuse Box Upgrade An old fuse box might be working just fine and yet it can have serious issues that affect your safety and the monthly cost of electricity.  The technology changes every few years and older fuse boxes don’t contain additional … Continue reading

When to Call an Emergency Plumber Sydney

When to Call an Emergency Plumber Sydney If a home or building is over 10 years old, then there’s a good chance that the wiring and the plumbing system is simply not advanced enough to handle the latest technology. These days, homes have multiple computers, … Continue reading

Flickering fluroscent light fixture

What to Do to Fix a Flickering Fluorescent Light Fixture  You may have just put a new fluorescent light bulb into the fixture and it still flickers off and on. This can be a very annoying problem. Whether at home or at the office, that constant flashing light … Continue reading

Need a 24 hr plumber in sydney?

24 Hr Plumber Sydney Services for DIYers  Homeowners often like to save money by doing smaller projects around the house themselves instead of hiring a contractor. But when it comes to plumbing work, there are many jobs that you should avoid. Though replacing burned out fuses is safe enough, … Continue reading

Affordable 24 Hr Plumber Sydney Services from Graham and Sons

Affordable 24 Hr Plumber Sydney Services from Graham and Sons At Graham and Sons we’ve been providing low-cost plumbing and emergency plumber Sydney services for the greater Sydney area for over 10 years. During that time we’ve come across all types of plumbing issues and we’ve learned to expect the … Continue reading

24 hr plumber sydney today

Graham and Sons is a premier locally owned and trusted residential and commercial sydney plumbing contractor. We provide low-cost 24 hr plumber Sydney services. Our emergency plumber Sydney service is a cut above the rest and will get the repairs done fast and correctly. Our professional plumbers in Sydney … Continue reading

Looking for a Commercial Plumber Sydney?

Looking for a Commercial Plumber Sydney? With so many older buildings across the Sydney area, it’s no wonder that they often experience power outages and plumbing problems. Sydney has a long and amazing history and many of its structures date back a hundred years or … Continue reading

Commercial Plumber in Sydney

Value of a Commercial Plumber in Sydney It may seem unnecessary to hire a professional commercial plumber in Sydney for small issues. The smoke detector has gone off in your building, and you know the battery’s died again. The circuit breaker has been switching off, … Continue reading

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

Switchboard Repairs Sydney Your home’s switchboard, or fusebox, is an plumbing distribution panel that divides your electricity source into circuits and controls the flow of electricity in your home. If there’s an overload, the fuse attached to a specific circuit will blow out, cutting off … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Have you ever experienced a momentary power interruption or the lights blinking in your home? This is not a power surge by a fault or event on the power line. Power surges are something you may not even notice, and they … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney  A Level 2 plumber Sydney can handle those big jobs that require additional training and qualifications such as the ability to troubleshoot and repair a 3-phase circuit. The highly skilled plumbers at Graham and Sons are well qualified to work on … Continue reading

Tips on Hot Water Heater Repairs in Sydney

Tips on Hot Water Heater Repairs in Sydney You might think that hot water heaters are easy to install, and after that, they should just be left alone to do their job. Without proper care and maintenance, an old water heater can actually be a … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Sometimes we assume our home’s plumbing system is in good, working order, but older homes can have quite a few problems. Danger could be lurking just behind your walls, whether it’s precariously strung wiring, a corroded switchboard or burned out plugs. … Continue reading

Commercial Plumber Sydney

Commercial Plumber Sydney Do you need a reliable commercial plumber sydney? Sydney certainly has plenty of plumbers to choose from, but none offer the level of experience and dedication that you’ll find at Graham and Sons! Whether you need to maintain or update the plumbing … Continue reading

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

Switchboard Repairs Sydney Your switchboard, or fusebox, is where all of your plumbing wiring runs to and from. It may be located in your garage or even a closet, and while it should be located somewhere safe from rain and weather, it may be outside … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Power surges are unpredictable increases in the voltage going through your home or office plumbing system. Microprocessors, which are found in many everyday electronics like televisions, washing machines and refrigerators, are very susceptible to these surges and may suffer permanent, irreversible … Continue reading

Level 2 plumbers in Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney Graham and Sons is proud to be a Level 2 service provider company, able to take on any job, regardless of the size or complexity, even projects requiring major plumbing work. In New South Wales, many major plumbing jobs require personnel … Continue reading

Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney

Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney Taking a cold shower is a pretty bad way to start the day, but when the hot water heater is on the fritz, you may have no choice. The hot water heater is one of those items that we all … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Unfortunately, there are thousands of residential plumbing fires every single year that cause untold millions of dollars in damage, as well as preventable deaths and injuries. More than 100 people are killed by household fires every year in Australia, many of … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Your home is probably full of expensive appliances and electronics. These days you can spend $500 just on a mobile phone. More and more businesses and homeowners are experiencing problems with power surges that do hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ … Continue reading

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

Switchboard Repairs Sydney Older dwellings tend to have outdated switchboards. Even the wiring can be antiquated and flimsy. People never realize this until they have some sort of problem. You may be sitting around with your family on Friday night watching TV and suddenly all … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney Graham and Sons is proud to offer Level 2 plumber Sydney services throughout the Sydney area. A Level 2 plumber is trained and qualified to work on or near Energy Australia’s and Integral Energy’s network on a wide range of jobs … Continue reading

Get Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney

Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney  High on the list of everyone’s least favorite things is a broken hot water heater. Let’s face it, taking a cold shower is miserable. When a hot water heater malfunctions, it can dump hundreds of gallons of water onto the … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Each year, there are thousands of residential plumbing fires that cause millions of dollars in losses as well as many deaths and injuries. The subsequent investigation often shows that the home had more than one plumbing problem. These can range from … Continue reading

Sydney Emergency Plumbers You Can Trust

Regardless of when your power goes out, it can cause chaos in your home or business. Electricity is one of those things we all take for granted and when it goes out, it can be very stressful until everything is repaired and things return to … Continue reading

Emergency plumbers in Sydney

Graham and Sons Offers Emergency Plumbers in Sydney You might be right in the middle of cooking dinner when the electricity goes out. Most of us take things like electricity for granted but then when it’s on the blink we can really miss it. At … Continue reading

Low Cost Plumber Sydney 24 Hrs

Things like electricity always seem to pick the wrong time to have issues. Nights and weekends are that time when the whole family is home and trying to enjoy a movie or make dinner together. But what happens when the power fails during this time? … Continue reading

Need an After Hours Plumber Sydney

Need an After Hours Plumber Sydney? Whether you’re just watching TV with the family or doing some work on the computer, there’s nothing worse than the power suddenly going out. There are times when it’s a simple fuse that needs replacing but then there are … Continue reading

Phone Line Repairs Sydney Plumbers

Electricity regulations and phone line repairs sydney requires that plumbing cable and, installers be fully licensed and this protects you from shoddy workmanship and ensures a uniform delivery of services. But being a licensed Sydney Plumber and being experienced are two different things. At Graham … Continue reading

Keeping electricity available around the clock is both convenient for you and can help to save a lot of money as well. Whether you are concerned mainly for the power supply to a commercial space or a residential one, Graham and Sons (a firm you … Continue reading

When to Call a 24/7 Emergency Plumber in Sydney

Being on call as a 24/7 emergency plumber in Sydney, your electricity can go out on a moment’s notice from all types of events such as an plumbing storm, a short in the wiring or a problem with your switch board. These types of events … Continue reading

Plumbing switchboard upgrades and repairs

Plumbing Switchboard upgrades and repairs Graham and Sons provides a vast assortment of exceptional plumbing rewiring services for sydney city and surrounding areas. We have been offering many professional plumbing services for over 10 years for both domestic and commercial properties. From complete rewiring projects to … Continue reading

Safety Switch Keeps Tripping Sydney Plumber

It can really be frustrating to live in a home where the safety switch keeps tripping. You might be right in the middle of an important project on your computer when suddenly all the power goes out. At Graham and Sons, we often get questions … Continue reading

Information on the New LIFX Bulb, the Light Bulb Reinvented

At Graham and Sons, we often get questions about the LIFX bulb, known commonly as the “light bulb, reinvented”. This is a wi-fi enabled, multi-colored, energy efficient LED light bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone. In fact, you can control every light in … Continue reading

Get The Qualified Plumbers For Your Plumbing Service Requirements

When it comes to installing various plumbing fittings and equipments, it is ideal and beneficial for you to go for professional and reliable plumbers. Many people ignore this and finally end up paying double the amount than what they ought to pay for their plumbing … Continue reading

When In Need Of Plumber Sydney Services

When it comes to plumbing repair or maintenance it is something that we keep on postponing till it comes upon us in an urgent basis. However when it comes to maintaining our plumbing installations we need to keep them working and functional in order to … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber: Plumbing Fault Finding

Are you experiencing an plumbing fault….need some assistance with plumbing fault finding…..Regardless of how handy you are around the house, most plumbing problems should be completed by a licensed professional Sydney Plumber. That’s because electricity is dangerous. Even small projects like replacing switch plates can … Continue reading

Smoke Alarm installation

Smoke alarms are a must-have in your home and office. They are recommended by all local authorities because they save lives. The government of Australia has issued laws regarding residential buildings, recommending photoelectric smoke detectors. In many research studies and practical situations smoke alarms have proven to … Continue reading

When Do You Need Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance in sydney?

Most of us don’t go to the doctor unless we’re sick but when it comes to plumbing repair, prevention is the key to keeping your home and family safe. Instead of waiting for a big problem to occur, it’s best to have your plumbing system … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber: Voltage Spikes Mean You Need Surge Protection

Frequent voltage spikes can lead to a number of problems for your home or office. Voltage spikes are not only annoying, but they can damage your equipment. Just a few of the hazardsassociated with voltage spikes include: Loss of important data Loss of profits while employees … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber: When to Get Switchboard Upgrades

Sydney Plumber: When to Get Switchboard Upgrades Your home’s wiring is something you probably don’t give much thought to and yet it’s one of the more important systems in your home. If your home is more than 10 years old, then you probably have a … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Commercial Plumber Sydney

You may be searching for a commercial plumbing contractor Sydney for your office or warehouse and it can be challenging to find the right one.  Just like choosing the right doctor or auto mechanic, you often have to take a leap of faith and hope … Continue reading

Commercial Plumber Sydney

When it comes to your business, it’s important to work with a professional Sydney commercial plumber. There are so many items around the office that require reliable electricity and you can lose thousands of dollars if the power goes out even for one afternoon. Equipment … Continue reading

Tips on Professional Lighting for your Pool Area from a Sydney Plumber

Graham and Sons delivers expert Residential and Commercial Plumber Sydney services at very competitive prices.  But one area where we often get questions concerns swimming pool lighting. The warm climate in Sydney makes it a perfect place to build a swimming pool and residents love … Continue reading

Graham and Sons: Your Reliable Sydney Plumber

Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting Sydney Plumbers With crime on the rise, it’s especially important to do what you can to protect your home and family from a home invasion. One of the simplest and most effective solutions is security lighting. Statistically speaking, when a … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber Repairs & Maintenance

As with everything in life, the quicker you know you have an plumbing problem, the better. In many cases, plumbing issues can be dangerous, and fires occur every year in homes and businesses across Australia that are caused from faulty wiring. It is usually cheaper to fix a … Continue reading

Improve your Garden Entertainment Area with Great Lighting

Planning to throw a big outdoor barbecue soon? One element that many home owners forget is the lighting. There’s nothing worse than sitting around the back yard in the dark. There are a number of excellent outdoor lighting options today that can give you everything … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber’s Corner Plumbing Switchboard

Sometimes in older homes, we find unsafe or illegal wiring situations, especially at the main switchboard. Over the years, home owners will add a room, porch, or buy a hot tub or new appliances and need more power. In order to save money, home owners … Continue reading

Plumber’s Corner: When to Use Copper Wiring

Most of the countries of the world began regulating their plumbing wiring and the work of plumbers as early as the 1800’s. By regulating the types of materials that can be used and the procedures that a Sydney plumber must follow, everyone is protected from … Continue reading

Water Leaks

Water leaks is a major plumbing problem and is the top in the list of plumbing emergencies. It imposes danger to your home and business structure because it can get to your electrical wiring system which causes hazard to life and damage to your property. … Continue reading

Emergency Burst and Leaking Pipe Repairs in Sydney

Emergency Burst and Leaking Pipe Repairs in Sydney

In Sydney, a burst or leaking pipe isn’t merely a hiccup—it’s a pressing emergency that calls for swift action. Each ticking second can escalate water loss, amplify bills, and intensify property harm. We recognise the weight of this predicament and stand ready to assist you. … Continue reading

We Unclog and Repair Blocked Drains in Sydney

We Unclog and Repair Blocked Drains in Sydney

Do you need drain cleaning services at your workplace or in your home? Your house has an extensive system of drainage pipes. The drainage system connects water and waste from your bathrooms, toilets and sinks to the city’s main drainage system. If your drains are working … Continue reading

Shower Install and Repairs

Bathroom plumbing can be a complicated affair and should never be taken lightly. If you can’t fathom the thought of putting your family through a day without the bathroom, you need to do some keen planning before you commence on any plumbing work in the … Continue reading

Tap Install and Repairs in Sydney

Tap Install and Repairs in Sydney

Upgrading the taps and faucets in your house can greatly enhance its look as well as offer many water conservation opportunities. Taps and faucets are prone to wear and tear. After a period of continuous use, you might notice that your taps are starting to … Continue reading

When Should You Call a 24/7 Plumber?

At what stage do you need a 24 Hour plumber in Sydney, we have the answers. A power outage can come without notice, leaving your home or business in the dark unexpectedly. Spoiled food, lost time at work, and the many risks of being in … Continue reading

Ensuring a Supply of Hot Water with the Help of an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

Among all of the plumbing appliances in your house, the water heater is one that you likely think about least, yet which you rely on a daily basis for hygienic purposes. A ready supply of hot water is one of the more pleasant, convenient aspects … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber in Sydney

Level 2 certification for an plumber greatly expands the range of services which that professional can provide. All services that involve connecting a private plumbing system to the overall network are classified as “contestable”, and must be carried out by someone with the aforementioned certification. … Continue reading

After Hours Plumber in Sydney

We at Graham and Sons (, 1300 205 523) understand how urgent it is to restore electric power regardless of the time, and guarantee that an after hours plumber in Sydney will reach your location within one hour, as long as you are within city … Continue reading

What Are Your Lighting Service Needs

What are your lighting service needs? If you live in the Sydney area you may have some very particular needs. You may want to have a new ceiling fan (with lights) installed in your home so that you can reduce your energy costs and your … Continue reading

Choosing Your Internet Cable Services

We all know that choosing a cable service can be a challenge but it has become even simpler for the folks living in Sydney thanks to the support of Graham and Sons plumbing. Graham and Sons plumbing does more than just help you with your … Continue reading

Plumbing Services provided by Graham and Sons

Sydney Plumbing Services has been providing plumbing services across the Sydney area for homes and businesses. Sydney Plumbing Services believes and promises to provide the prompt and dependable service that you have come to expect and depend on.

How to use chandeliers and pendants to create ambience

You may have been wondering how to use chandeliers and Pendants to create Ambience in your home. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the lighting and plumbing services involved in this process. We all want to create a certain ambience … Continue reading

Ceiling Fan Installation

Now that the summer is upon us the need for a good ceiling fan has increased, not to mention the need for a qualified ceiling fan installation in the Sydney area. The folks at Graham and Sons understand that you need to have a quality … Continue reading

What is a Level 2 Plumber?

In your search for an plumbing service provider, you may come across confusing terms. Before you can hire the provider that offers the services you need, you’ll want to understand the various options you’ll find. Many plumbers provide domestic services, commercial services, and emergency services. … Continue reading

How to Avoid Common Plumbing Hazards

Electricity can be the source of the most dangers in the home. Without proper maintenance and repair from a professional plumber, your family could be at risk. In order to maintain the highest level of safety in your home, it’s important to understand the most … Continue reading

Most Common Services Provided By an Plumber

For homes and businesses, electricity is at the core of most tasks. From cooking to conducting business, properly functioning plumbing systems are crucial. An plumber provides a vast array of services for both domestic and commercial needs. Whether you’re having trouble with surges or you … Continue reading

How to Hire the Best Plumber

If you’re in need of professional plumbing services, it’s important to find a trustworthy provider that provides quality work at reasonable rates. With a little research, you can hire the best plumber and enjoy peace of mind that all services will be carried out with … Continue reading

Home Inspections and Other Essential Plumbing Services

As a homeowner, there are many different situations that call for professional plumbers. From the earliest stages of homeownership to the time to put the house on the market, an plumber will be involved in many ways. Routine repairs, emergency services, ceiling fan installation, and … Continue reading

Get Help With Lighting From Providers of Plumbing Services

The leading Sydney plumbers can do much more than repair plumbing wiring or come to your rescue during an emergency. A top plumber, making it easy for you to find help with many household needs, can handle many of the plumbing services you require. Lighting … Continue reading

Commercial Plumbing Services

As a business, it’s important to hire the best providers of the services you require. With the right companies hard at work for your organisation, you will be able to save more on essential services and achieve the best possible results. No matter what type … Continue reading

24/7 Plumber: Sydney Homeowners Get Help When They Need It Most

When you experience a breakdown of plumbing systems, it can be frustrating and dangerous. If you’re hit with a storm in the middle of the night, your family can be left in the dark without a moment’s notice. In cases like this, it’s imperative that … Continue reading

Maintain Safety During a Flood with a Sydney After Hours Plumber

Flooding in the home can be devastating. Not only will you end up with a huge mess to clean up, but you can also be in serious danger as the water rushes into your home.  Although many belongings can be ruined in flooding situations, your … Continue reading

Need Help After Hours? Sydney Plumbers Can Assist

Finding yourself without lights in the middle of the night can be frightening for your family.  No matter what the problem, it’s important to contact a professional Sydney after hours plumber straight away.  Before the emergency occurs, it’s best to have contact information on hand … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Sydney Plumber

Finding reliable professionals for all of your domestic service needs will help you save time and money.  Speedy service and reliable repairs are an important part of keeping maintenance costs down for your home.  When you’re in search of a Sydney plumber, you’ll want to … Continue reading

Emergency Plumber – Sydney Services For Speedy Repairs

Being in urgent need of repairs for any part of your home can be stressful and costly.  Finding a reliable company with reasonable prices will help you avoid major problems down the road as well as costly repair bills.  If a storm comes through and … Continue reading

Common Reasons to Contact a Sydney Plumber

Electricity is one of the most important elements of your home.  In order to maintain comfort, keep food fresh, and enjoy your favourite entertainment, electricity is required.  Keeping your electricity running safely is a key part of maintaining a secure setting for your family.  Whether … Continue reading

Common Domestic Services Provided by a Sydney Plumber

Homeowners are faced with an array of costly repair and maintenance issues throughout the home.  In order to stick to a budget while keeping your home in top shape, you’ll want to hire reliable contractors and technicians to perform the necessary work at affordable rates.  … Continue reading

After Hours Plumber – Sydney Homeowners Can Call For Help

As a homeowner, you are most likely equipped to handle common issues throughout the home. Minor repairs and problems are often handled without the aid of a professional.  When disaster strikes or you find yourself with a major problem, you’ll want to hire professionals that … Continue reading

24 Hour Plumber – Sydney Service When You Need it Most

Although most urgent plumbing needs occur as a result of a storm or other natural disaster, problems like these can happen anytime.  Whether caused by a storm or the result of faulty wiring or other issues, gaining access to professional services before the problem gets … Continue reading

When Do You Need a Sydney Emergency Plumber?

Being without plumbing services can be difficult and even dangerous.  In most cases, an plumbing outage is brought on by a storm or other disaster.  Often, service is restored within a short period of time but there are many cases, which require the assistance of … Continue reading

Tips on Finding an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

When you find yourself in the midst of an plumbing emergency, you’ll need to find help straight away.  Before you put your home and your family in danger, it’s imperative that a professional get a handle on the situation.  No matter what the cause of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Level 2 Certification in a Sydney After Hours Plumber

Before you select an after hours plumber in Sydney, you’ll want to find a company that can handle any situation.  No matter what has led to your need for assistance, a Level 2 Certification can be of use.  Prior to hiring an under experienced company … Continue reading

Sydney Emergency Plumber – Avoid the Dangers of Plumbing Issues

Any home can have certain risks associated with plumbing problems, appliances, and wiring.  No matter what the cause, addressing any issue right away is your best course of action and the only way to maintain a safe home for your family.  Even after hours, a … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber – Signs You Should Consider an Upgrade

An outdated plumbing system can lead to high repair bills and the threat of dangerous issues down the road.  If you’re not sure if you should contact a Sydney plumber for rewiring or other repairs, there are certain signs to be aware of.  Often, an … Continue reading

Sydney 24-Hour Plumber – Safety Tips for Your Home

Before you find yourself in need of a 24-hour plumber in Sydney, it’s best to follow basic safety tips to ensure your plumbing service is functioning properly.  Because of the safety risks that can be brought on by poorly functioning appliances, old wiring, and other … Continue reading

Graham and Sons – Reliable Sydney 24-Hour Plumbers

When you find your home or business without plumbing services as the result of a storm or other issue, you’ll need fast response from a reliable service provider.  At Graham and Sons, you’ll find a diverse assortment of service options along with top accreditation and … Continue reading

Notice Sparking or Crackling? Contact a 24-Hour Sydney Plumber

Maintaining the safety of your home is an important part of protecting your family and preventing major repair issues. Plumbing problems can arise for many reasons and may cause dangerous situations. Older homes are particularly prone to issues with wiring, but problems may also come … Continue reading

Ferreting Out Plumbing Faults with a 24 Hour Plumber from Sydney

Ferreting out an plumbing fault can be daunting proposition for those with little training in such matters, or lacking the range of equipment that will let you make an accurate diagnosis of what ails your plumbing system. The skilful, friendly, diligent professionals from Graham and … Continue reading

Checking for Pest Related Plumbing Damage with a Sydney Plumber

After having pests exterminated from your house in the Sydney area, it is always prudent to call in a skilled, qualified plumber in Sydney to ensure that your wiring is still safe and intact. The exterminator – or “pest control expert”, as they frequently bill … Continue reading

Restoring Power with an After Hours Plumber in Sydney

Plumbing problems are not noted for confining themselves to convenient times such as normal working hours on weekdays. In fact, they are most likely to occur “after hours”, because you and your family are away at work, in school, and in similar situations during the … Continue reading

Don’t Settle for Less than a Level 2 Plumber in Sydney

Without Level 2 Certification, an plumber in Sydney is severely limited in the types of plumbing work they can do for you. Many of our competitors lack this certification, meaning that they will either be unable to complete the work in as much detail as … Continue reading

Affordable On-Call Plumbers in Sydney with Graham and Sons Service Plans

Having affordable on-call plumbers for Sydney problems at your fingertips will greatly simplify dealing with the unavoidable difficulties that burgeon in the most electricity-intensively environments. You can save both time and money by arranging a service plan with Graham and Sons (, and have our … Continue reading

All-Round Services from a Graham and Sons Plumber in Sydney

There are countless ways that electricity interacts with our modern lives, so much so that this era might be better called the Age of Lightning than the Industrial Age. The world is awash with a flowing web of electricity like a vast brain pulsing with … Continue reading

Avoiding Costly Commercial Shutdowns with an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

The need to get vital computer systems and machinery back on line as soon as possible is best addressed by an emergency plumber in Sydney, such as the fully qualified Level 2 technicians whom you can summon to your aid from Graham and Sons ( … Continue reading

Let an Emergency Plumber in Sydney Handle Hazardous Situations for You

Electricity, useful as it is to us both at work and in the home, is no joking matter and needs to be treated with respect and circumspection. Even momentary contact with ordinary household current can kill a person, stopping their heart and possibly shorting out … Continue reading

Make Certain You Have Lights, Cameras, and Action with an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

When you need the services of an emergency plumber in the Sydney area, Graham and Sons is available by telephone at 1300 205 523. Losing electric power is much more than an inconvenience in the modern world. It can also prove to be very costly, … Continue reading

Useful Services from an Emergency Plumber in Sydney

Electricity is a vital part of modern life, helping us greatly both when we are at work and at play. The technology used to generate it and to deliver it in a safe, timely fashion to homes and places of business has improved over the … Continue reading

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