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Burst Pipes

burst pipes - CopyBurst water pipes can wreak havoc at your home or workplace. Ironically, many people think that it is the sudden and loud pipe bursts that can cause the greatest damage to your home. The truth is that small leaks in the pipes can cause as much damage to your property. When the leaks on burst water pipes go undetected, they slowly corrode the drywall and wood and can lead to the collapse of a whole wall section.

Water loss from burst pipes can be as much as 400 litres per day. If you happen to be away on the whole day that the pipes burst, the loss can escalate to 9,600 litres! In the unfortunate scenario that your family is away for a week, you could then lose up to 47,200 litres of water!

The main reasons for burst water pipes include unprotected pipes and frozen temperatures. In absence of proper heating, low temperatures may turn pipe water into ice. As the water turns into ice, it creates undue pressure within the pipes and may cause them to burst if they are made of unprotected of low-grade material such as plastic or cheap copper. The bursts happen in areas of the pipes that are weaker or around joints.

At Graham and Sons we always recommend that you keep an eye on any small leakages as they are always an indicator of a bigger underlying problem with the pipes.

Our Emergency Approach to Burst

At Graham and Sons, we understand the dangers and difficulties that burst pipes can cause. We, therefore, act fast on all burst pipe incidences that are brought to our notice. We will repair the burst pipes and work to minimize any looming dangers that the pipes might have posed.

A burst water pipe usually happens out of the blues. At one moment, you are sitting enjoying the comfort of your home, then out of nowhere, the bang strikes! You need to fix the burst pipes ASAP. You need to call professional plumbers, preferably ones that are available round the clock.

Our expert plumbers are available 24-7 and ready to fix your burst water pipes. We recommend that you save our phone number in your phonebook for emergencies such as burst water pipes.

Call us as soon as you notice any leaks, we will help circumvent the disaster of dealing with a burst pipe, and the cost of fixing leaks is much lower than that of dealing with burst pipes.

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