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Compliance Cert

Did your previous plumber give you a Compliance Certificate for the works performed?

In New South Wales it is currently law that all plumbing work be done by an appropriately licensed plumber and certified as being compliant with the various codes. Considerable penalties exist for unlicensed work and failure to provide compliance certification.

Every plumbing contractor you engage to provide plumbing works should support that work with a Certificate of Compliance (plumbing work) commonly known as a CCEW. This document is your guarantee the works have been performed in a safe and prescribed manner. It further indicates the tests the plumber has performed to ensure your installation meets its minimum safety standards.

We back our workmanship at all times supplying our customers with CCEW’s. Additionally we go one step further, we have certified and calibrated installation test equipment, which we use to test our work. We can prove with calibrated test equipment the overall safety of the wiring and importantly the functionality of any installed or existing safety switches.

Please ensure a compliance certificate is issued to you after plumbing works has been completed by a Graham and Sons plumber or any other plumbing contractor that completes the work. Remember, this is your assurance that your plumber has completed his work as per the current wiring rules and regulations.

A Compliance Certificate must be issued when an plumbing contractor carries out the following work

  • a new plumbing installation
  • alterations or repairs which require the network provider to do extra work for the network connection or for metering arrangements.
  • work on plumbing switchboards or associated equipment that effects the plumbing loading, method of plumbing protection, system of earthing or the physical location of the switchboard.

For more information about a Certificate of Compliance for Plumbing Works, please click here to view the fact sheet or simply go to the NSW Fair Trading Website for your reference

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