Keeping electricity available around the clock is both convenient for you and can help to save a lot of money as well. Whether you are concerned mainly for the power supply to a commercial space or a residential one, Graham and Sons (a firm you can contact via telephone at 1300 205 523, or on the Internet at has a 24 hour emergency plumber in Sydney standing by to hasten to your location and restore the flow of current to your building as soon as possible.

24 hour emergency plumber services in Sydney are particularly necessary for companies that work far into the night, or never close at all. Today’s world has blurred the lines between the hours of sunlight and the time of starlight, and this is largely due to the prevalence of electricity and the brilliant, crystal clear illumination that it provides.

Long ago, the blackness of the night could not be truly banished by human ingenuity. A candle, a lantern, a torch all furnish only temporary, fragile, and extremely localized light sources. A single puff of breeze can extinguish these, and they are very simple devices in any case that need no maintenance other than the ability to strike flint to tinder and generate some sparks to light flammable material. Cities were just as dark as the countryside, and perhaps darker, since the closely crowded building walls blocked much of the ambient starlight and moonlight.

The introduction of electricity immediately increased humankind’s night-time activities. Factories could continue to work after dark, since workers could now see what they were doing without needing daylight to do so. Businesses could stay open later, catering to people who only had time to shop after they had completed their day’s work. People themselves could seek entertainment, work, or simply extra time for carrying out chores by staying up later or rising earlier and having a dependable light source to use.

Electricity, in short, both extended humanity’s activities well into the night, and set up the possibility that these activities would be disrupted by a failure of power at a time when no repair professionals are awake. Graham and Sons, however, offers you 24 hour plumbers for Sydney emergencies, and we will be at your location within an hour assuming you are inside Sydney’s city limits.

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