Commercial Plumber in Sydney

Value of a Commercial Plumber in Sydney

It may seem unnecessary to hire a professional commercial plumber in Sydney for small issues. The smoke detector has gone off in your building, and you know the battery’s died again. The circuit breaker has been switching off, and you’re sure you can fix it. The lights in one conference room constantly flicker, and all that needs done is to switch them off and on a few times. Unless something big has happened, like the power poles have been down since early morning, why call a commercial plumber in Sydney

Like health problems, small issues with electricity can be indicators of something far bigger. The fuse box that overheats may actually cause a fire, if wires have been crossed or over-exposed. Flickering lights can be due to ‘arcing’, which means the electricity is jumping from one connection to another, a bit like lightning. Older circuit breakers may get overwhelmed and melt fuse wires to stop the overflow of electricity. The wires would need to be replaced, so that the circuit can be re-set. Having an experienced commercial plumber find the real source of the overages can both limit repair costs, and save on an upgrade to a more efficient circuit breaker.

Affordable Commercial Plumber in Sydney

At Graham and Sons, our commercial plumbers in Sydney have been answering emergency repair calls and solving crises for 10 years. Our level 2 certified plumbers are qualified to handle more difficult cases. These could include replacing traditional meters with smart meters, so that your business can automatically benefit from off-peak tariff rates, or dealing with exposed ground wires transferring live current.

Businesses going through demolition or extensive repairs may need to completely disconnect from main service lines, and then reconnect. Graham and Sons has the experienced plumbers who can handle these large projects, as well as smaller one like re-wiring the outdoor security light system.

Sometimes, it’s smart to save money via do-it-yourself projects and other times you need a real pro. Our commercial plumbers in Sydney are experienced in installation and repair. Graham and Sons offers the value of one-time installations and repairs, so that you can get back to business as usual.

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