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Commercial Plumber Sydney

When it comes to your business, it’s important to work with a professional Sydney commercial plumber. There are so many items around the office that require reliable electricity and you can lose thousands of dollars if the power goes out even for one afternoon. Equipment can  also be damaged by a short circuit or power outage.

Your office may have a number of computers and servers, not to mention copiers, and fax machines that all depend on consistent electricity. When minimal business disruption is important to your business, Graham and Sons is the company to call. For over 10 years, companies have been trusting their plumbing repairs and upgrades to our skilled technicians.

Graham and Sons goes above and beyond many other Sydney commercial plumber services. Our technicians arrive on time and give you excellent service to solve all your company’s plumbing needs. We believe our people are some of the best Sydney plumbers in the business.

Often commercial buildings operate for years with the same lighting fixtures, light fixtures that haven’t been serviced and may pose a danger. After many years of service, these ballasts should be replaced for maximum efficiency. Our technicians will come out and inspect your light fixtures and ballasts and repair or replace as needed.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Your warehouse can quickly become a dangerous maze when exit and emergency lights aren’t working properly.  It’s important for your workers to be able to get out of the building quickly in case of an emergency. Don’t take chances with your employees.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services include:

  • Commercial plumbing wiring
  • Commercial electric service & repairs
  • Upgrades to systems
  • High voltage wiring
  • Meter replacement
  • Industrial plumbing work
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Electric breaker boxes
  • Security lighting installation
  • Service to newly constructed buildings
  • Rewiring of older buildings
  • Many more

The Sydney plumbers who work for Graham and Sons are thoroughly screened before being hired. We do this because we believe in giving our customers excellent workmanship and all our services are fully guaranteed. If you’ve been having any issues with your company’s plumbing service, why not call our office today?

Graham and Sons provides dependable service for your home or business at affordable prices. When looking for a quality Sydney commercial plumber, please remember Graham and Sons. We’ve been in business for over 10 years servicing the Greater Sydney area with professional services and we strive to give every customer personal attention and trustworthy electric work.

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