How to Change a Power Point

In Sydney, it’s important to have all your plumbing work done by a licensed professional and yet the more you know about the process, the better. Homeowners who understand the basics of plumbing jobs like changing a power point or light fixture feel more confident in knowing that they’re getting the work done correctly.

In Sydney, the standard power point is a 3-pin earthed outlet rated at 10 amps. Many older homes and buildings have outdated power points that are worn and should be replaced. These are a fire hazard but replacing them is quick and affordable.

The standard power point has a 3-pin 240 volt plug and socket system with an active, neutral and earth point. There should be three thin wires as well and these three smaller wires must be stripped to expose the copper section of each. Once the copper section on the wires has been stripped, insert each into the corresponding contact point. The active wire is either red or brown.

Sometimes the colors vary depending on the type of wire you’re using. As you insert the active wire into the contact point, hold it steady and then tighten the screw securely. Do not overtighten! This can damage the thin, fragile copper wire. Repeat this process for the neutral wire. It should be black or blue. The earth wire should be done last. This wire should be yellow or green.

Next, take out one screw from the main cable holder. You will usually find a small plastic “gate” that holds the cable in place. “Swing” the gate open and place the wire in the holder. Now close the gate and replace the screw, making sure the wire is held in place around the outer sheath.

There are many types of power points found in homes, businesses and factories. Some of these are old, worn out and should be replaced. Also, if you notice smoke or a burnt smell, the power point may be defective.
• Single Power Points
• Outdoor Power Points
• Quad Power Points
• Three Phase Power Points

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