Information on the New LIFX Bulb, the Light Bulb Reinvented

At Graham and Sons, we often get questions about the LIFX bulb, known commonly as the “light bulb, reinvented”. This is a wi-fi enabled, multi-colored, energy efficient LED light bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone. In fact, you can control every light in the house from your phone. You can also adjust brightness and control individual lights or the entire home.

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The energy regulatory regime in Australia is encouraging consumers to install these new energy saving bulbs because they are environmentally friendly. Though we don’t often think of light bulbs as using much electricity, the fact that there are so many in the average home and that they stay on most of the time makes this a big part of your electric bill.

In businesses where there may be dozens of lights all running around the clock, the costs for this can run up to a third of your light bill. Many homeowners and business owners simply feel like they don’t have the time or money to go around replacing every single light bulb, so Graham and Sons will do it for you.

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We can also supply the bulbs to you with a small charge for coming out to remove your old bulbs and install your new ones. One of our skilled Sydney plumbers can help you get the software installed on your smartphones so that you will be up and running in no time. This is one of those expenses that you will recoup over the course of time. Plus, of course, the Smartbulb is good for our environment.

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Australia has limited natural resources and most of its citizens are very conscientious about saving our natural resources. Why not contact Graham and Sons today and speak to one of our friendly Sydney Plumbers about changing out all the bulbs in your home or office? You’ll be surprised at the money you save each month on your plumbing bill. While our Sydney plumber is there, be sure to let them know if you are having any problems with burnt switches, bad plugs or breakers that trip too often.

Graham and Sons has been serving the Sydney area for over 10 years with professional plumbing services. We arrive on time and perform excellent work for our customers. And our prices are very competitive. We handle all types of plumbing jobs large or small. Whether you need a switchboard upgrade, an plumbing inspection on a new home purchase or just a new ceiling fan installed in your bedroom, we can handle the task. Call the Sydney Plumber with the skills to get the job done today at Graham and Sons.


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