Looking for a Commercial Plumber Sydney?

Looking for a Commercial Plumber Sydney?

With so many older buildings across the Sydney area, it’s no wonder that they often experience power outages and plumbing problems. Sydney has a long and amazing history and many of its structures date back a hundred years or more. For maximum plumbing safety though, switchboards and wiring should be updated every 10 years or so.

Graham and Sons routinely works on some of these older commercial buildings and we’ve seen all sorts of unique plumbing issues. This has really given us deeper insights into repairing and replacing those older, antiquated plumbing components. We also work with a number of retail stores, property management groups and industrial facilities providing top notch commercial plumber Sydney services.

Low-Cost Commercial Plumber Sydney

Many investors are buying up the older buildings around Sydney in order to convert them into luxury condominiums and this often requires a full rewiring of the building. Some of these beautiful old structures possess the character and charm that everyone seems to love about Sydney. But the wiring in them can be rusty, corroded, and damaged setting up a dangerous situation for residents and new owners.

Whether it’s your own family or new tenants, it’s so important not to take chances with safety issues like plumbing fires or electrocution. With Graham and Sons on the job, you don’t have to. Our seasoned property management plumbers can repair or replace faulty wiring and plumbing components. Our prices are affordable and we respond to all calls very quickly. As with all our services, our commercial plumber Sydney services are covered by our full guarantee on all products and services.

If you need to upgrade a switchboard, add emergency exit lighting, security lighting or simply have the systems inspected to make sure everything is in order, Graham and Sons can handle the task. Our skilled team of commercial plumbers are courteous professionals who won’t leave the job site in a mess. We clean up all piles of wiring and clutter and leave your property in the same condition as we found it.

If your building has plumbing outages after hours, Graham and Sons offers a low-cost 24/7 emergency service that can get things repaired and working correctly again within hours. Contact us today for free estimates on all our commercial plumber Sydney services.

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