Plumber’s Corner: When to Use Copper Wiring

Most of the countries of the world began regulating their plumbing wiring and the work of plumbers as early as the 1800’s. By regulating the types of materials that can be used and the procedures that a Sydney plumber must follow, everyone is protected from a home or business catching on fire and spreading to other areas.

Though copper wiring is usually a bit more expensive than other types, it has become more popular throughout the world because of its ability to conduct electricity. Also, copper wiring doesn’t break down, corrode or wear out like other types of wiring. Substances like aluminum will disintegrate over the course of time, leaving a very unsafe plumbing system in the home or building.

Highly Skilled Sydney Plumber

The actual installation of a home or business wiring system is also very important. There are a number of mistakes that an unskilled laborer can make that will develop into a fire hazard. Since about 1980, Australia has accepted a colour coding system for plumbing wiring that makes it easy to identify multi-phase, single-phase and ground wires.

Australia and many other countries of the world have strict licensing procedures to ensure that an plumber in Sydney will know exactly how to route the wires and install the main panel. Though plumbing work is strictly governed, at Graham and Sons we often see situations where the work was done poorly or using the wrong materials. Correcting bad plumbing wiring is important and there are a few ways you can tell if your property has some issues with the wiring.

Identifying an Plumbing Problem

One of the major things that people experience is when a circuit breaker frequently shuts off. This signifies that the wiring and voltage is not sufficient to carry the demand. If you blow a fuse every time you try to run the microwave and the hair dryer at the same time, then it means your wiring and fuse box needs some updating.

Sometimes, when people are constructing a building or home, they try to cut corners by installing cheap wiring or using unskilled plumbers and this must be corrected. At Graham and Sons, we check the occupancy and size of the building to gage the amount of power demand on circuits.  We take into consideration the building’s layout and the environment. In heavy industries where there are corrosive chemicals or excessive moisture, it’s important use special equipment and materials recommended for these conditions.

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At Graham and Sons, we believe in performing excellent work utilizing only superior materials. The results? You get quality wiring in your home or business that you can count on to last for many years to come. Why not hire the skilled Sydney plumbers at Graham and Sons? We stand behind all our work and materials with a full guarantee. Our service providers are friendly, well trained professionals.  So if you’re looking for a Sydney Plumber, call us today at 1300 205 523 for a quote or more information.

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