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Are you experiencing an plumbing fault….need some assistance with plumbing fault finding…..Regardless of how handy you are around the house, most plumbing problems should be completed by a licensed professional Sydney Plumber. That’s because electricity is dangerous. Even small projects like replacing switch plates can give you an plumbing shock. Behind the plugs and switch plates are live wires carrying power throughout the house, so if you are a bit clumsy, you can get a painful and unexpected electric jolt.

Everyone has plumbing issues from time to time. Whether at home or the office, you may have a plug that has stopped working, or a switch that only works part time. Though it’s tempting to try and fix those smaller things ourselves, it can be dangerous, plus it may signal that you have a larger problem in your plumbing system that needs plumbing fault finding

Experienced Sydney Plumber plumbing fault finding

Graham and Sons enjoys the challenge of locating those plumbing problems. Our highly trained Sydney plumbers are experts at troubleshooting. We take a systematic approach that traces the problem to its source.  We understand the complex circuitry of your home or business and have over 10 years of experience providing quality plumbing services to the Greater Sydney area.

Next time you have switch that only works part of the time or a plug that doesn’t work at all, call Graham and Sons. Our team of licensed Sydney plumbers is only a phone call away and we perform all sorts of plumbing work including;

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Smoke Alarm installation
  • Plumbing fault finding
  • Surge Protection
  • Data & Communication Cabling
  • Security lighting
  • Commercial plumbing work
  • Many others!

Plumbing troubleshooting is best left to the pros. We know the safety rules and procedures for plumbing fault finding.  We’ve been serving the Sydney area with professional testing and troubleshooting of electric problems for years and we’re only a phone call away.

Plumbing fault finding Sydney Plumber

Like a skilled detective, we’ll seek out the core problem and find the right solution. You won’t have to worry about getting an plumbing shock or not making the correct repairs. All our work is guaranteed.

We use top notch plumbing components from the major manufacturers to ensure that all work we perform will last for years and give you and your family good service and peace of mind. We don’t take chances when it comes to your safety or ours. Why not call today to have your plumbing system inspected? Once you become a Graham and Sons customer, you’ll have a friend who can deal with any type of plumbing need.

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