How To Choose a Plumber in Sydney

We understand that deciding on which plumbing company to hire can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this is an easy question for us to answer because this is what we do every day and we understand the Sydney plumbing market extremely well. Let’s look at … Continue reading

Flickering fluroscent light fixture

What to Do to Fix a Flickering Fluorescent Light Fixture  You may have just put a new fluorescent light bulb into the fixture and it still flickers off and on. This can be a very annoying problem. Whether at home or at the office, that constant flashing light … Continue reading

Information on the New LIFX Bulb, the Light Bulb Reinvented

At Graham and Sons, we often get questions about the LIFX bulb, known commonly as the “light bulb, reinvented”. This is a wi-fi enabled, multi-colored, energy efficient LED light bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone. In fact, you can control every light in … Continue reading

Tips on Professional Lighting for your Pool Area from a Sydney Plumber

Graham and Sons delivers expert Residential and Commercial Plumber Sydney services at very competitive prices.  But one area where we often get questions concerns swimming pool lighting. The warm climate in Sydney makes it a perfect place to build a swimming pool and residents love … Continue reading

Improve your Garden Entertainment Area with Great Lighting

Planning to throw a big outdoor barbecue soon? One element that many home owners forget is the lighting. There’s nothing worse than sitting around the back yard in the dark. There are a number of excellent outdoor lighting options today that can give you everything … Continue reading

What Are Your Lighting Service Needs

What are your lighting service needs? If you live in the Sydney area you may have some very particular needs. You may want to have a new ceiling fan (with lights) installed in your home so that you can reduce your energy costs and your … Continue reading

How to use chandeliers and pendants to create ambience

You may have been wondering how to use chandeliers and Pendants to create Ambience in your home. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the lighting and plumbing services involved in this process. We all want to create a certain ambience … Continue reading

Get Help With Lighting From Providers of Plumbing Services

The leading Sydney plumbers can do much more than repair plumbing wiring or come to your rescue during an emergency. A top plumber, making it easy for you to find help with many household needs, can handle many of the plumbing services you require. Lighting … Continue reading

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