New Wiring for Homes

Sydney is proud of its lovely older structures. These include homes, public buildings and commercial buildings. The architectural style has evolved over the last few hundred years and today is known and loved the world over. One of the downsides of these many older structures … Continue reading

Upgrading Plumbing Wiring in a House

Most homeowners think that if the lights come on when they flip the light switch, then the electricity must be working properly. According to a recent study, faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires. And most victims had no idea their wiring … Continue reading

How to Connect a Stove

Connecting any major appliance requires skill, training and the right tools. There are many types of stoves including electric and gas ranges, electric cooktops, and ovens. In Australia these appliances should be connected by a licensed professional to ensure that the work is done correctly. … Continue reading

How to Change a Power Point

In Sydney, it’s important to have all your plumbing work done by a licensed professional and yet the more you know about the process, the better. Homeowners who understand the basics of plumbing jobs like changing a power point or light fixture feel more confident … Continue reading

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker for plumbers in sydney

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker for plumbers in sydney Though replacing a circuit breaker is not that hard, it’s still a dangerous job where you can get a pretty severe electric shock. If you do not feel confident about your ability to work with an … Continue reading

How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers

How to Change a Light Fixture for Plumbers If you have a ladder and a few tools, then you should have no problem changing a light fixture. Though the instructions are pretty straightforward, you might encounter a few problems along the way. The first thing … Continue reading

My Smoke Alarm is Beeping

My Smoke Alarm is Beeping There are several types of smoke alarms. Some are battery-operated and some are electric and wired into the home’s plumbing system. Some of the electric smoke alarms also have a battery for back-up.  Normally, when a smoke alarm starts beeping … Continue reading

I need a Fuse Box Upgrade

I need a Fuse Box Upgrade An old fuse box might be working just fine and yet it can have serious issues that affect your safety and the monthly cost of electricity.  The technology changes every few years and older fuse boxes don’t contain additional … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Have you ever experienced a momentary power interruption or the lights blinking in your home? This is not a power surge by a fault or event on the power line. Power surges are something you may not even notice, and they … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney  A Level 2 plumber Sydney can handle those big jobs that require additional training and qualifications such as the ability to troubleshoot and repair a 3-phase circuit. The highly skilled plumbers at Graham and Sons are well qualified to work on … Continue reading

Tips on Hot Water Heater Repairs in Sydney

Tips on Hot Water Heater Repairs in Sydney You might think that hot water heaters are easy to install, and after that, they should just be left alone to do their job. Without proper care and maintenance, an old water heater can actually be a … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Sometimes we assume our home’s plumbing system is in good, working order, but older homes can have quite a few problems. Danger could be lurking just behind your walls, whether it’s precariously strung wiring, a corroded switchboard or burned out plugs. … Continue reading

Commercial Plumber Sydney

Commercial Plumber Sydney Do you need a reliable commercial plumber sydney? Sydney certainly has plenty of plumbers to choose from, but none offer the level of experience and dedication that you’ll find at Graham and Sons! Whether you need to maintain or update the plumbing … Continue reading

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

Switchboard Repairs Sydney Your switchboard, or fusebox, is where all of your plumbing wiring runs to and from. It may be located in your garage or even a closet, and while it should be located somewhere safe from rain and weather, it may be outside … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Power surges are unpredictable increases in the voltage going through your home or office plumbing system. Microprocessors, which are found in many everyday electronics like televisions, washing machines and refrigerators, are very susceptible to these surges and may suffer permanent, irreversible … Continue reading

Level 2 plumbers in Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney Graham and Sons is proud to be a Level 2 service provider company, able to take on any job, regardless of the size or complexity, even projects requiring major plumbing work. In New South Wales, many major plumbing jobs require personnel … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Unfortunately, there are thousands of residential plumbing fires every single year that cause untold millions of dollars in damage, as well as preventable deaths and injuries. More than 100 people are killed by household fires every year in Australia, many of … Continue reading

Surge Protector Installation Sydney

Surge Protector Installation Sydney Your home is probably full of expensive appliances and electronics. These days you can spend $500 just on a mobile phone. More and more businesses and homeowners are experiencing problems with power surges that do hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ … Continue reading

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

Switchboard Repairs Sydney Older dwellings tend to have outdated switchboards. Even the wiring can be antiquated and flimsy. People never realize this until they have some sort of problem. You may be sitting around with your family on Friday night watching TV and suddenly all … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber Sydney

Level 2 Plumber Sydney Graham and Sons is proud to offer Level 2 plumber Sydney services throughout the Sydney area. A Level 2 plumber is trained and qualified to work on or near Energy Australia’s and Integral Energy’s network on a wide range of jobs … Continue reading

Get Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney

Hot Water Heater Repairs Sydney  High on the list of everyone’s least favorite things is a broken hot water heater. Let’s face it, taking a cold shower is miserable. When a hot water heater malfunctions, it can dump hundreds of gallons of water onto the … Continue reading

Home Plumbing Inspections

Home Plumbing Inspections Sydney Each year, there are thousands of residential plumbing fires that cause millions of dollars in losses as well as many deaths and injuries. The subsequent investigation often shows that the home had more than one plumbing problem. These can range from … Continue reading

Phone Line Repairs Sydney Plumbers

Electricity regulations and phone line repairs sydney requires that plumbing cable and, installers be fully licensed and this protects you from shoddy workmanship and ensures a uniform delivery of services. But being a licensed Sydney Plumber and being experienced are two different things. At Graham … Continue reading

Safety Switch Keeps Tripping Sydney Plumber

It can really be frustrating to live in a home where the safety switch keeps tripping. You might be right in the middle of an important project on your computer when suddenly all the power goes out. At Graham and Sons, we often get questions … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber: Plumbing Fault Finding

Are you experiencing an plumbing fault….need some assistance with plumbing fault finding…..Regardless of how handy you are around the house, most plumbing problems should be completed by a licensed professional Sydney Plumber. That’s because electricity is dangerous. Even small projects like replacing switch plates can … Continue reading

Sydney Plumber: Voltage Spikes Mean You Need Surge Protection

Frequent voltage spikes can lead to a number of problems for your home or office. Voltage spikes are not only annoying, but they can damage your equipment. Just a few of the hazardsassociated with voltage spikes include: Loss of important data Loss of profits while employees … Continue reading

Plumber’s Corner: When to Use Copper Wiring

Most of the countries of the world began regulating their plumbing wiring and the work of plumbers as early as the 1800’s. By regulating the types of materials that can be used and the procedures that a Sydney plumber must follow, everyone is protected from … Continue reading

Level 2 Plumber in Sydney

Level 2 certification for an plumber greatly expands the range of services which that professional can provide. All services that involve connecting a private plumbing system to the overall network are classified as “contestable”, and must be carried out by someone with the aforementioned certification. … Continue reading

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