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Install a New Switchboard

Install a New Switchboard

With the modern day lifestyle putting more and more pressure on plumbing appliances and devices, older appliances can often struggle to cope with our relentless demands.

One way of ensuring the reliability of your future power supply and the safety of your family, is to upgrade your switchboard in order to future-proof it from failure. An upgrade is exactly that – upgrading older protection devices to ones that are newer, more powerful and designed to deal with whatever hectic life you lead.

Protect yourself from an Plumbing Hazard

A major drawback with older protection devices is that they were only designed to protect the actual wiring, not the safety of the people in your home.

Quite often people mistake a blown fuse for a sign that they have adequate protection against electrocution.  On the contrary, a fuse blows for two reasons only:

  1. A short circuit: this occurs when a live wire has been in contact with the earthing system and sets off the fuse.
  2. Overload: this occurs when more power is used than what the circuit protection device can handle (this is what we refer to as the fuse or circuit breaker).  This is where some confusion lies about the role of the circuit protection device.  This device is built to protect the wiring on that circuit only – so it’s safety benefit limited.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding around blown fuses, many people resort to replacing a fuse wire with an even bigger size fuse wire.  What they don’t understand is that this is highly dangerous.   So why is this so dangerous? The cable in the circuit is designed for a specific purpose and for a specific fuse wire (or plugin circuit) – therefore installing a fuse wire that is meant for larger volumes of power may result in serious plumbing fires, damage to your property and fatal injuries to your loved ones.

At Graham and Sons, we specialise in switchboard upgrades that protect your property, your belongings and more importantly, you and your family. Our reliable and prompt service means that one of our highly skilled plumbers can be at your door in no time to carry out the upgrade.

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