Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting, done correctly and with low voltage subtlety, can transform an average home into a majestic vision. Most of us want to simply enjoy a relaxing ambience that does not involve stark, bright lights.  Instead, we look for lighting that is perfect for entertaining, inviting to guests and helpful in winding down after a stressful, busy day.

But there is more to lighting that meets the eye. Not only can it work for your home aesthetically, it can add an additional layer of security by deterring criminals who have nowhere to hide, whilst at the same time providing you the perfect lighting to see what is going on around you. Because low-voltage landscape lighting shines less brightly, your eyes require less adjustment to achieve focus.

Low-Voltage, High Security

Low voltage lighting really is an investment, both in terms of your home’s kerb appeal and back yard security.  We have helped many homes across Sydney benefit from landscape lighting in the following ways:

  • Feature Lighting – we can direct low-voltage lighting towards special features within your garden or yard. Perhaps you have a water feature, a special island or flower bed you wish to highlight to visitors. Feature lighting is the perfect way to do this, whilst at the same time adding security to your home.
  • Spot Lighting – we have used spotlighting to bring some magical attention to garden trees or a wall of ivy.  In particular, ‘up-lighting’ up the trunk of a tree is particularly effective in creating elegance.
  • Double Spot- Lighting – two spotlights combined to cross over and focus on a feature can be especially intoxicating.  We have used this technique to highlight water features so that they shimmer against the moonlight.
  • Enhanced Property Value – research shows that low-voltage landscape lighting can add value to a property.  Potential buyers can become emotionally attached to the elegance of the lighting, increasing the appeal of the overall property and consequently the desire to purchase it.
  • Practical Living – we have installed low-voltage lighting for those that require practical solutions for working or living areas.  For example, lighting up outdoor kitchen areas or a porch desk.  Low-voltage lighting is bright enough to allow you to enjoy your spaces, but subtle enough to maintain a relaxing and elegant environment.
  •  Security – we have used low-voltage lighting to create visibility around homes and gardens in such a way that does not create dark contrasting areas for criminals to hide in. High-voltage lighting can create extra dark spaces which can attract intruders.
  • Safety – Aside from the security benefits of lighting that we have already mentioned, there is an element of safety in lighting up potentially dangerous aspects to your garden or yard that are difficult to see at night. For example, a swimming pool, a low-hanging tree branch or a series of steps could all be hazardous if not seen.  Strategically placed lighting can help improve the safety of your property, both for your family and those who visit.

Landscape lighting is the most effective and efficient way of brightening up your home and creating elegance that will attract the attention of passers-by.  It is also a way of highlighting the beauty of your home in a green, eco-friendly way.

At Graham and Sons, we are experts in landscape lighting that is both captivating and practical. Could your home benefit from ornate landscape lighting?

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