Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Reduce your Electricity Bill

Can you imagine a world without power? It’s a frightening prospect. As the demand for energy increases year after year, the world’s natural energy resources shrink. This is a major concern for the future and something that you can help slow down with simple steps that will benefit both your electricity bill and your future:

  • Conduct an electricity audit – This is the best way to figure out when you use the most energy, what actions waste the most energy and how you can take steps to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Your ‘energy savings plan’ will be based on reducing the habits that consume the most energy. For example, leaving on appliances all day.
  • Install dimmer switches – Reduce your energy bill and energy consumption by only using the lighting you need.  Dimmer switches are also perfect for creating the right mood in each room.
  • Check your home Insulation – It is phenomenal how much energy is wasted through heat seeping out from a poorly insulated home.  Increasing your roof insulation to approximately eight inches could reduce your electricity bill by about 20%!
  • Plant more trees – Surrounding your house with trees will naturally keep your home cooler in the hot summer months, and more insulated throughout the cool winter months.  This will reduce the need for air-conditioning and heating.
  • Check your electrics – It’s a good idea to have the wiring of your fuses and plumbing appliances checked for leaks.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs – Fluorescent  light bulbs can save up to 75% energy than average light bulbs so they are a great investment – not only do they last longer, they conserve energy.
  • Energy-efficient appliances – Are your appliances energy efficient? It is unbelievable how energy-efficient appliances can reduce your energy consumption.  An energy-efficient refrigerator can consume less energy than a light bulb!
  • Switch off your appliances – Get into the routine of switching off your appliances and lights when leaving the house. Going a step further to reduce your energy consumption, you could also consider turning your thermostat, water heater and fridge to a lower setting where possible.
  • Install a water-saving shower head – Using a shower head that saves water could reduce your water heating costs by $250 a year!
  •  Weather-proof your home – Weather-proofing your home can reduce your heating bills by 20% and air-conditioning bills by 10%. You do achieve this by using weather-friendly materials that are not good conductors or heat or the cold, installing windows and glass panes in a way that absorbs sunlight and lights up the rooms of your house. Make sure the filters in your air-conditioning units and heaters are cleaned and unblocked from dust and debris.

Small Steps lead to Big Savings

Taking these small, simple steps will see your energy bill reduce substantially in no  time.  Each and every household has the capability to make a difference. It’s as simple as turning your washing machine to a cooler water temperature, using your thermostat wisely, being conscious of leaving lights on and also your everyday appliances when they are not in use.

Could your household benefit from a lower energy bill and more considerate energy consumption?  One of our highly trained plumbers can make a full assessment of your energy consumption, providing you with written reports and a full understanding of how you can make changes for the better.

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