Install a New Switchboard

Install a New Switchboard With the modern day lifestyle putting more and more pressure on plumbing appliances and devices, older appliances can often struggle to cope with our relentless demands. One way of ensuring the reliability of your future power supply and the safety of … Continue reading

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Reduce your Electricity Bill Can you imagine a world without power? It’s a frightening prospect. As the demand for energy increases year after year, the world’s natural energy resources shrink. This is a major concern for the future and something that you can help slow … Continue reading

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Landscape lighting, done correctly and with low voltage subtlety, can transform an average home into a majestic vision. Most of us want to simply enjoy a relaxing ambience that does not involve stark, bright lights.  Instead, we look for lighting that is perfect … Continue reading

Home Security Lighting

When it comes to lighting for your home security, it’s vital that you consider outdoor lighting options in addition to lighting the inside of your home.   Research shows that outdoor lighting plays a large part in the safety and security of properties. The installation of … Continue reading

Certificate of Compliance Plumbing Work

Did your previous plumber give you a Compliance Certificate for the works performed? In New South Wales it is currently law that all plumbing work be done by an appropriately licensed plumber and certified as being compliant with the various codes. Considerable penalties exist for … Continue reading

Interconnected Smoke Detectors

Interconnected Smoke Detectors

In order to comply with current fire regulations, newly built homes are required by law to have installed inter-connected smoke detectors. Aside from the legal requirements and the possible reduction in insurance premiums, interconnected smoke detectors in larger properties should be a priority, in order … Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting as a Security Feature to your Home

Outdoor lighting can often make the exterior of homes look more inviting and this is quite often the reason why it is installed by home owners.  What most don’t realise is that the same outdoor lighting, if placed in the appropriate location also has security … Continue reading

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